Fabian Weber
BOENICKE Audio September 10, 2019

Auditory perception is triggered by tonal phenomenona, such as language and music. These stimuli are the gateway to recent and distant memories of all kinds, the sequences of pleasant and often unpleasant experiences that shape and accompany us throughout our lives. They are part of us and make us who we are today.
An emotional homage to Switzerland, nature, music and life in all its facets.

Jost Wildbolz
Kriss Delaye 
Anthony Vuignier
Written & Directed by Fabian Weber
Voice: Lisa Ambjörn
Director of Photography: Fabian Weber
Location Sound: Kurt Human
Gaffer: Roman Brändli, Simon Wyss
Cineflex: SamCam
Decoration: Marlise Isler
Editor: Glenn Breda, Fabian Weber 
Colorist: Jürgen Kupka
Sound Design: Denis Elmaci
Assistents: Nora Nussbaumer, Robert Kopecky, Christian Mathis
Motion Design: Beat Hösli
Music: Nils Frahm (Erased Tapes)